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Fliteboard Flite Jet Module

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Flite Jet is a new propulsion option that offers the safest and smoothest rides possible on an eFoil. Superior engineering by expert hydrodynamicists has created the world’s smallest, lowest drag eFoil jet.

  • The Flite Jet impeller is completely shielded, which removes the potential for a propeller injury.
  • The small diameter impeller allows for increased manoeuvrability compared to Flite Propeller.
  • Note that Flite Jet consumes more power than propeller systems, so expect reduced efficiency, thrust and speed with Flite Jet compared to Flite Propeller and True Glide.


  • Safest and smoothest ride
  • Suits beginners to advanced riders
  • Great for lighter riders, yachts, families, schools

Flite Jet is supported by Dual Drive and is compatible with all Series 3 eFoils onwards.