FBC Winging Ankle Leash

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The ultimate winging ankle leash! We have designed every aspect of this wing foiling ankle leash to perform perfectly. Featuring a 5.5ft/8mm long/thick premium coiled urethane leash this ankle leash is built to withstand all the wipeouts you can encounter. A premium ankle leash designed specifically for wing foiling!

Winging is a new sport and with new sports we need new products. We quickly realised that the normal coiled leash used for surf and SUP was too long, so we set about designing a leash that was the perfect leash and the perfect size.

Our FBC Winging Ankle Leash has been 100% designed to work for foilers. We made it 5.5ft long when fully stretched meaning it allows you to easily switch between goofy and regular but the leash never drags in the water. We also tailored the method of coil to ensure that the straight areas are kept to a length I which they do not tangle together.

Another consideration of designing the winging ankle leash was its thickness. A foil board plus foil is a lot heavier then a surfboard. And we put our boards at much greater speeds then a SUP board. With this in mind we constructed the FBC wing foil ankle leash with an 8mm thick high quality urethane that is both strong and durable.

Our ankle leash collar (the part that goes around your ankle) is another crucial part of the leash. Along with the design of the leash we opted with a no expense spared ankle collar. It features a premium 4mm neoprene, large release loop, reinforced webbing and a tough hook and loop velcro. All the details of the leash makes this winging ankle leash a joy to use! It is secure and comfy, strong and durable. It doesn’t get in the way, it doesn’t drag in the water (ever!) and it will withstand the wipeouts that you encounter.


One Size
 Thickness 70mm
Neoprene 4mm Deluxe
Buckle Type Velcor HD
Leash Length 5.5ft (8mm thick)