FBC Dynaema Leash & Karabina - Standard

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Size: 140cm - Standard
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Introducing the FBC Wing Foiling Leash & Carabiner, designed to elevate your wing foiling experience. What sets our leash apart is our revolutionary ‘Dynaema Defender’ technology, an in-house treatment that prevents the leash from adhering to Velcro surfaces. This treatment not only enhances Dynaema’s durability but also increases its resistance to water. The ‘Dynaema Defender’ technology is exclusively offered by FBC, and we carry out the treatment in our purpose-built facility, making our Dynaema leash truly one-of-a-kind.

You can choose from two lengths, catering to your preferences and wing size: the standard 140cm and the longer 170cm. Our leash design, combining Dynaema line and bungee, ensures optimal usability and performance with its renowned ‘anti-snatch technology.’

Our meticulous approach to construction and length selection allows you to navigate your wing effectively. Riders with larger wings (above 6m) typically prefer the 170cm length for enhanced water maneuverability, while smaller wings pair perfectly with the standard 140cm length.

Enhance your wing foiling setup by pairing this product with our FBC Wing Waist Leash. Crafted by dedicated foiling enthusiasts, all FBC products reflect our unwavering commitment to the sport.

 Technology Dynaema Defender
Material Anti-Snatch Dynaema 
Double Safety Loop FVC double loop tech
Leash Length - Standard / Long 140cm standard / 170cm long