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Fanatic Falcon TE 97L 2021

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Unlock the potential of the seas with our Fanatic Falcon TE 97L 2021 Demo - a board that has seen minimal use by a team rider but is in impeccable condition. Regarded as "The World Champion's Choice," these Falcons are meticulously crafted to offer absolute control in every racing scenario, allowing you to focus entirely on your speed and line, rather than your equipment.

Pierre Mortefon, the 2019 PWA Slalom champion, triumphed with our red rockets, and the 2021 season welcomes a new addition - the 107, a smaller version of the successful Falcon 115, tailored for lighter riders. Our Research and Development team has tirelessly tested, tweaked, and tuned every millimeter of the Falcon TE range, resulting in World Champion shapes that outperform all other boards.

Key Features:

  1. New Sizes:

    • Introducing the new size 107, a smaller version of the 115, catering specifically to lighter riders.
  2. Cut-out Tail Design:

    • Precision cut-out tail design ensures efficiency, control, and top speed performance.
  3. Ergonomic Rail Design:

    • Crafted with an ergonomic rail design for superior grip in gybes and a consistent 100% power delivery from start to finish.
  4. Recessed Mastfoot:

    • The recessed mastfoot area keeps the rig connection low, enhancing control and maneuverability.
  5. Proven Rocker:

    • Proven rockers deliver unmatched top speeds and precise control in varying conditions.
  6. Optimized Volume Flow:

    • Carefully optimized volume flow ensures balance and effortless planing through lulls and gybes.
  7. Foil Use:

    • Sizes 130 & 140 are approved for foil use, adding versatility to your windsurfing experience.
  8. Footpad:

    • Grippy and shock-absorbing dual-density diamond grooving footpads provide superior comfort and control.
  9. Premium Footstrap:

    • Enjoy the comfort and easy adjustment of the Fanatic Premium Footstraps.

Choose the Fanatic Falcon TE 97L 2021 Demo for an unparalleled windsurfing adventure, where the legacy of world champions meets cutting-edge design and performance.