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Duotone Warp 2019

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WARP 2019

The WARP 9.0LW won six of the seven eliminations in the 2015 racing season, making it the most successful slalom sail in PWA history. It was our first racing sail with a completely new, revolutionary profile concept called the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN. With extreme propulsion, boundless speed and a design intended for victory with no compromises, this is quite simply the ultimate World Cup racing sail. Thanks to the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN, the WARP 2019 also possesses greater planing power and acceleration after start and gybe compared to other sails, without requiring more strength on the part of the rider. This gives riders greater strength reserves over the entire racecourse and allows them to concentrate on manoeuvring. Combined with the unrivalled effortlessness of camber rotation, this makes the WARP 2019 the first choice for more than just World Cup riders.

More than three years of development went into the profile and design concept of the WARP 2019, whose panel-based layout takes into account the wide range of factors influencing the rig. And the result is outstanding – with the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN, all WARP sails generate enormous propulsion and more acceleration at the start and after a gybe. The key characteristic is that this propulsion does not kick in abruptly and thus does not require lots of effort to absorb. Instead, the forward pull is much more controlled and effortless than other power slalom sails. This relieves strain on the rider, giving them strength reserves for the rest of the course, and allowing them to concentrate fully on the racing action. And with the correct luff and outhaul tension, the WARP performs across the entire wind range with the same trim.

4.7SPEED 5.4 6.2 7.0 7.7 8.4 9.0 9.4
177 179 202 213 221 231 241 247
405 412 426 453 484 504 516 528
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4.60 4.90 5.20 5.50 6.00 6.30 6.50 6.70
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400/-- 400/-- 400/-- 430/-- 460/-- 490/-- 490/-- 490/--