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Duotone Ventis D/LAB Wing 2024 - Yellow - Grey

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Regular price £2,199.00
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Introducing the Duotone Ventis D/LAB 2024, a groundbreaking innovation in light wind Wing Foiling designed to ensure you're the first out on the water. This wing redefines light wind performance with its advanced 3-strut design, featuring premium Aluula material in the leading edge and struts.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Lift and Power:

    • The 3-strut design provides the ultimate lift and power in light wind conditions.
    • Premium Aluula material ensures a lightweight and rigid frame for unmatched performance.
  • Light and Responsive:

    • The Ventis D/LAB delivers a light, responsive, and impressive lift that pulls you onto the foil without excessive pumping.
  • Reduced Wing Tips:

    • The rigid and responsive 3-strut Aluula frame allows for reduced wing tips, minimizing catching or dragging.
    • User-friendly and accessible, even for smaller riders and those with less experience.
  • Enhanced Performance:

    • Two additional struts enhance performance, creating a highly efficient canopy profile with increased lift and power throughout the entire surface area.
    • Optimal canopy tension ensures flying stability and de-power.
  • Efficient Canopy Construction:

    • Aluula leading edge and struts paired with a lightweight 50g ripstop canopy.
    • Thread orientation in each panel optimizes response and performance while keeping the canopy area as light as possible.
  • Longer Carbon Front Handle:

    • Equipped with a longer carbon front handle for effortless one-handed riding.
    • Center strut profile works in unison with ergonomic handles, ensuring a comfortable hand angle and a straighter back arm for extended sessions.
  • Transformative Light Wind Sessions:

    • The Ventis D/LAB offers the pinnacle of light wind wing performance, transforming your experience with unmatched weight, responsiveness, lift, and power.

Immerse yourself in the next level of light wind Wing Foiling with the Duotone Ventis D/LAB 2024– where cutting-edge design and advanced materials converge to redefine your expectations of light wind sessions. Elevate your performance and make the most of every light wind day with the Ventis D/LAB.