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Duotone Strider SLS 2024

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Size: 3'4''
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Duotone Strider SLS 2024

CATEGORY: Pump / Dockstart

Unlock peak performance on the water with our cutting-edge Pump / Dockstart board, meticulously designed for unparalleled efficiency and control. Dive into the details of its exceptional features:


  • Compact Dimensions: Experience minimal swing weight, thanks to the board's thoughtfully compact dimensions.
  • Flat Rocker: Maximize your pumping efficiency with a flat rocker design that ensures seamless transitions on the water.
  • Single Concave to Flat Bottom: Say goodbye to unnecessary drag during touchdowns with the single concave to flat bottom construction.
  • Thin Rails: Easily master dock starting with thin rails that provide a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Sufficient Volume: Enjoy the ease of paddling back with the perfect balance of volume.


  • Unleash your potential with our available size: 3‘4’’ (14l).


  • Low Rocker Tail to Front Foot: Enhance your riding experience with a low rocker tail, strategically designed for optimal weight distribution.
  • High-Density Core: The board boasts a high-density core with a solid Carbon finish, ensuring unparalleled strength and rigidity.

AVAILABLE: Spring 2024 is your opportunity to own the future of water sports. Our Pump / Dockstart board will be available, promising an exhilarating experience on the waves.