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Duotone iBase 2.0 - plate only

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Revolutionising Your Windsurfing Experience: Introducing the Duotone iBASE 2.0 Mast Base

Our mission was clear: to craft a mast base that stands out from the rest, offering unparalleled features in the market. Here's the groundbreaking outcome of our endeavour:


Tired of struggling to unscrew the mast base after a surf session, just to fit your board into the bag? The iBASE 2.0 comes to the rescue with a convenient RELEASE OPTION. Simply pull the sand-resistant, stainless-steel U-pin, and the connection joint detaches effortlessly. No tools needed! Switch between a conventional Powerjoint and our innovative iTENDON in seconds, based on your preferences. Plus, with a spare joint/tendon on hand, you're always ready for action without the hassle of repairs.


Safety-conscious users will appreciate the PERMA LOCK OPTION. Secure the release button with a screw, preventing any accidental releases.


Long storage times can sometimes lead to a stuck mast base. No worries! The iBASE 2.0 now features two holes, allowing you to use a screwdriver as a lever for easy release.


Tool-free installation and removal are made possible by the central screw design of the iBASE 2.0. Our engineers took it a step further, ensuring it's the lowest base of its kind, eliminating unnecessary gaps.


The exclusive washer plate undergoes a sophisticated 2-phase over-moulding process, similar to an electric toothbrush:

  • The upper side, made of low friction PVC material, reduces the force needed to tighten the iBASE 2.0 onto the board.
  • The bottom side is over-moulded with a special rubber mixture, preventing any sliding on the board.

And here's the best part – these added features don't compromise on weight or durability. We're so confident in the iBASE 2.0 that we offer an unprecedented 2 YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY (after online registration) – a guarantee you won't find with any other mast bases. Elevate your windsurfing game with the innovation and reliability of the iBASE 2.0.