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Duotone Grip 3 SLS 2024

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Discover the cutting-edge DUOTONE GRIP SLS boards, meticulously crafted for unparalleled performance in diverse wave conditions – from the jumping-oriented side-on setups of Pozo to the down-the-line groundswells of Hookipa. Designed with over 40 years of expertise, these boards represent the pinnacle of wave riding, evolving continuously to stay ahead in the world of windsurfing.

Guided by the insights of wave champions Victor Fernandez and Marc Paré, the GRIP SLS boards prioritize balance, control, and versatility across changing conditions. These boards aren't just replicas; they're the exact models used by professionals on the PWA tour, ensuring that every rider can experience championship-level performance.

Tailored to suit your riding style, the GRIP 4 with its Quad fin configuration delivers maximum drive and grip for decisive rail-to-rail turns, even in XXL waves. Meanwhile, the GRIP 3, featuring a Thruster fin setup, offers superior acceleration and early tail release – perfect for dynamic, slashy turns, especially in less-than-ideal wave conditions.

DUOTONE's commitment to innovation is evident in the 20.24 GRIP SLS lineup. The elimination of unnecessary multi-setup fin-boxes reduces weight and drag, contributing to a more streamlined design. The introduction of a mini mast track not only reduces weight in critical areas but also provides precise length adjustment for various riding styles and sail sizes. The simplified mini side fin boxes prioritize ease of use and eliminate unnecessary adjustments.

Weight reduction without compromising durability is at the core of DUOTONE's design philosophy. The exclusive layup, refined by DUOTONE's chief board construction and QR manager Vasin Siritho, ensures a perfect balance of strength and lightness. Even the artwork has been optimized for weight, showcasing DUOTONE's dedication to superior performance.

Experience a noticeable weight reduction of 400-500g (depending on board size) without sacrificing durability. The GRIP SLS boards are not just lighter on the scale; they translate to a lighter feel on the water, where it truly matters.

In addition to their performance prowess, these boards are engineered for a hassle-free experience right out of the box. With no-compromise weight savings and an unmatched plug-and-shred setup, the DUOTONE GRIP SLS boards are ready to elevate your windsurfing to the next level.