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Duotone Foil Wing Set Aero Carve 2.0 D/LAB 2024

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Unlock 2024 with unparalleled performance with Duotone's Advanced Front Wings – Introducing the Carve 2.0 D/LAB and Stabilizer P

Duotone, a trailblazer in water sports innovation, proudly presents its most cutting-edge front wings to date – the Carve 2.0 D/LAB. In a relentless pursuit of reduced drag and weight, Duotone ingeniously merges the front wing and front half of the fuselage. This innovative design not only eliminates compromises in shaping but also allows for the removal of three bolts, reducing both drag and weight even further.

Carve 2.0 D/LAB: The Next Evolution

The Carve 2.0 D/LAB, a sibling of the SLS variant, marks a significant departure from Duotone's previous Carve range. Notably less draggy and remarkably looser in terms of roll, these wings enable riders to execute heel-side to toe-side turns with newfound naturalness. The thinner profile towards the wingtips and a higher aspect ratio contribute to increased top-end speed, superior gliding, and enhanced pumping capabilities.

Key Features of the Carve 2.0 D/LAB Range:

  • Slight reduction in aspect ratio for increased speed.
  • Thinner and faster profile for pushing the wings to higher speeds.
  • Ideal for fast wave riding, technical freestyle tricks, Wing Foiling, or Kite Foil racing.
  • The bigger sizes are 850 & 1100.
  • Introduction of two smaller sizes (650 and 500) for added versatility.

Two carbon tail options, available in 37cm and 43cm lengths to match AL 3BS fuselages, complete the D/LAB glider. Choose between a loose and playful character or opt for higher control at top speeds. For riders seeking the pinnacle of performance, the Carve 2.0 D/LAB stands out as the choice for advanced to top-level enthusiasts.

Stabilizer P: Elevating Performance

Duotone's Stabilizer P, the latest addition to its premium range, is expertly crafted to complement the Carve 2.0 and Glide series. The P series emphasizes performance by increasing aspect ratios, producing more lift while maintaining a smaller surface area. This strategic design decreases drag and enhances maneuverability without compromising high-speed control – a hallmark of Duotone foils.

Key Features of the Stabilizer P:

  • Four sizes (165/180/200/220) meticulously tweaked to complement new front wings.
  • Almost completely flat design, departing from traditional winglets.
  • Increased feel in turns for an exciting and dynamic riding experience.
  • Utilizes thin shims for customizable angle of attack adjustments (+/- 0.3 degrees).

Take advantage of Duotone's brand-new thin shims to tailor the angle of attack to your riding style or prevailing conditions, ensuring an optimal and exhilarating foil experience every time.

Explore Duotone's Carve 2.0 D/LAB and Stabilizer P for a revolutionary leap in foil performance – where innovation meets ultimate control and speed on the water.