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Chinook 2 Bolt Tendon Baseplate E-Pin

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Chinook at its best, simple, tough, trustworthy and made to last
Now lighter and more sttreamlined
State-of-the-art design and quality
For many this is the ultimate, no compromise system for when the going gets tough
Urethane tendon joint gives excellent all round performance
Twin rope safety back-up to get you back to the beach
One complete stainless steel unit above the black tendon joint - virtually impossible for the pin to break off
The cylindrical black tendon is easy to replace
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Almost all sailors that try the 2 bolt base system never go back - they love its ease of use and dependability
Unique and easy to remove Upper UJ section, with a built in hex wrench that tightens the two mounting bolts on the plate. The separate deck plate can then be moved

The low height plate can be left on the board without the Upper UJ section - giving easy board storage and saving time when you go sailing
Additional separate deck plates can be purchased (one for each board)
Simple, tough and unbeatable base system