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Axis Red Fuselage Advance

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Size: Short - 675mm
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Regular price £335.00
Regular price £335.00 Sale price £335.00

AXIS RED Advance Fuselage, are you ready?

"Unleash the thrill of pushing boundaries in Prone, SUP, Wake, Wing, or Pump with the Red Advance Fuselage (+40) – where every move is a step closer to perfection. Elevate your ride, carve tighter turns, and experience a newfound connection with the water. It's not just a fuselage; it's a leap into a realm of performance, offering 40mm closer to the edge of possibility. Are you ready to redefine your ride?"

If you're into pushing the envelope in Prone, SUP, Wake, Wing or Pump, these will blow your mind. Are you looking to push harder, carve tighter turns and want an even more connected feeling on the larger PNG and BSC front wings? Our new Red Advance fuselage is for you.

In three different sizes you get tons of options to fine tune your setup. This design sees the mast position moved 40mm closer to the front foil, opening up entirely new options for performance.

The regular Red fuselages are perfectly suited to the majority of riders across all disciplines. By no means are these new Red Advance fuselage intended to replace them. They just provide options for performance and a more connected feel when pushing the limits.

As the mast position on the Red Advance Fuselage is moved closer to the front wing, the effective length of the fuselage behind the mast is now slightly increased (by 40mm).