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AXIS HPS Carbon Hydrofoil wing

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Axis HPS - High-performance front wings that makes foiling accessible to everyone.

The HPS series is a result of a long and intensive design and prototyping process which included the development of our new ‘black’ fuselage to incorporate the reduced thickness and chord of the HPS foil section. Producing a breakthrough is high-aspect foils.

The HPS is easy to use for almost all levels of rider - you can jump on HPS and rip after just a few sessions mastering basics on higher lift foils.

A foil which has a beautifully balanced plan-shape and carefully considered down-turn and twist, that keeps this foil turning freely and handling predictably in all conditions.

AXIS HPS is a popular foil for winging for all levels riders once they have the basics down. The HPS can also be used for Downwind, Prone and SUP foiling for faster or more powerful waves.

Regular price £655.00
Regular price £655.00 Sale price £655.00