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Axis Black Fuselage Advance+

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Size: Sillyshort- 560mm
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Regular price £275.00
Regular price £275.00 Sale price £275.00

Dive into the next level of wave riding adventure with the Axis Black ADVANCE+ Fuselage configuration – a game-changer for Prone, SUP, Wing, and Wake enthusiasts. If you crave pushing boundaries, tighter turns, and a heightened surf experience, this is your ticket. Axis's innovative design places the mast 60mm closer to the front foil, unlocking new dimensions of surf performance compared to our regular fuselages.

While the current Black fuselage range suits most riders across disciplines, the ADVANCE+ series isn't here to replace them but to offer options for enhanced performance and connection when pushing limits. If you're an intermediate or expert surf/wave foiler, consider this your next upgrade.

Keep in mind that moving the mast forward increases the effective length of the rear fuselage. Introducing the 'Sillyshort' size, we recommend considering a shorter length than usual when choosing your Advance Black Fuselage. Opt for Short, Ultrashort, Crazyshort, or Sillyshort (just 560mm), compatible with ART and HPS wings, as well as smaller sizes in our PNG and BSC wings. These new additions provide a looser, faster transition, reminiscent of moving fins forward on a surfboard, enhancing turn initiation. However, expect a slight trade-off in tracking and speed stability, affecting upwind ability when winging.

For ultra-high-speed big wave riding, the regular Black fuselages are a better fit. With the mast further forward, adjust your baseplate position forward in the boxes to maintain wing positioning similar to the normal Black fuselage.

In our commitment to environmental responsibility, the new Black ADVANCE+ fuselages come with custom protective covers, minimizing our cardboard footprint – no paper/cardboard boxes included. Elevate your surf experience while minimizing your impact on the environment with our cutting-edge Black ADVANCE+ Fuselage series.