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Atan Madi Shoe

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Surfing, windsurfing, wing foiling and kitesurfing summer split toe slippers. Lime stone based Neopren, 3mm thick, blind-stitch. Ultra-thin latex sole 100% natural, very good grip. cordon around ankles. It is very comfortable !

Like all ATAN booties, it is ultra soft: Incredible barefoot sensation: BAREFOOT SYSTEM As many of you will know that ATAN have for many years made the most flexible and warmest boots available in the market, particularly distinguished from the competition by their incredible "Barefoot feeling" sole, which is achieved by using a natural latex dip process which is unique to ATAN.

These boots are light, flexible, comfortable, warm, durable, very supple and competitively priced. The PLUSH TITANIUM neoprene ensures these boots will both be very warm and comfortable.

This is attributed to the fact that the plush fabric is glued on the neoprene foam with a titanium glue and this create a metallic mirror which ensures the heat is reflected back into your feet which are ever grateful for warmth. This winter get the barefoot feeling into your water time and leave the wellies at home. Warm, comfy, supple, and feely.

Regular price £49.99
Regular price £49.99 Sale price £49.99