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Armstrong Downwind Performance Foil Range

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Armstrong Downwind Performance Foil Range - Cutting Edge


The Armstrong Downwind Performance (DWP) range represents the pinnacle of Armstrong foiling equipment. Created to push boundaries in design process and material selection, these products invite advanced riders on a truly next-level riding experience.

Superior glide for skilled paddlers in lighter conditions.

A sublime combination of top end speed and glide.

The foil of choice for expert downwind SUP racers seeking the podium in powered conditions.

The Downwind Performance range (DWP) was specifically developed to race in the SUP downwind division across Hawaii’s inter-island channels. Already a proven Molokai2Oahu World Championship podium-finisher under the feet of team rider Oskar Johansson, the DW Performance range is tailored for expert level SUP downwind aficionados seeking next level freedom in open water.

Access Ultimate Speed

The product of cutting edge hydrodynamics and foil technology.

  • Project development began with collecting waveform and real world riding data from Hawaii’s inter-island channels to set specific design parameters.
  • Leading fluid dynamics resources help optimise a foil shape that had extreme top end glide with accessible low end flight speeds for race starts in milder conditions.
  • The result is remarkably stable at high velocities.


The A+ System

The A+ System is our proprietary foil assembly design that joins the mast, fuselage, front foil and stabiliser together for a solid and smooth feeling on the water.

  • Hexagonal carbon fibre fuselage with a titanium rod core has progressive flex qualities that balance stiffness with a uniquely smooth feel underfoot.
  • Minimises flex from the extreme torsional forces produced by high aspect foils.
  • Premium 316 steel and titanium hardware eliminates corrosion and provides a naturally snug fit, no tef gel required.
  • Polycarbonate Pro shims allow for half degree incremental changes to stabiliser pitch for incredibly easy tuning of the foil’s flight characteristics.


  • Maximum glide
    • Aspect ratio (AR) 13.0-13.55
  • Ultra-premium construction
    • Made from Toray intermediate and high modulus carbon fibre
  • Stable at speed
    • A thin section and subtle anhedral to dihedral shape becomes more pitch and roll stable at higher speeds without feeling locked in.
  • Evolutive section profile
    • The foil section is slightly different at each station across the foil span for maximum efficiency.




DWP 685

DWP 755

DWP 930









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