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Armstrong CF300 V1 Tail Wing / Uni Tail

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CF300 Tail Wing

The CF300 tail wing is a great all rounder. It incorporates the perfect amount of anhedral shape in the center and dihedral at the tips to allow an overall high level of stability with smooth progressive pitch control at all speeds and bank angles. Ideal for rookie to intermediate riders, all foil sports.


  • The tail wing has a foam core wrapped in the highest quality Carbon keeping it light and super rigid.
  • The Titanium screw inserts are in keeping with our philosophy of zero corrosion materials throughout the entire product range.
  • The unique flow fences improve stability by minimizing the disruption of turbulent flow from the front wing, mast and fuselage.

Tail Wing area: 300cm2 (46in2)
Wingspan: 398mm
Weight: 200g

*Comes complete with screws and protective cover.