AHD Fast Forward Freeride Board

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The AHD "Fast Forwards" are dedicated Freeride boards - With more than 20 years perfecting these designs, they are the real key to your Windsurfing fun: their shapes have been honed to deliver effortless performance to help you enjoy all aspects of your Windsurfing.

Make your Windsurfing jump' fast forward' with these early planning and very friendly boards, which will compliment your wish to progress quickly and sail in a wide range of conditions.

Fast and easy to ride, they'll allow you to quickly feel comfortable, progressing at your own pace, while giving you all the rewards and sensations which make Windsurfing such a magic sport.


All parameters needed for you to progress have been incorporated into shapes which have the ability to work well for the rider, their rig and their local conditions, be they inland or open sea.

A harmonious outline with a large double concave will trigger easy acceleration and smooth planning, (even in quite choppy water) thanks to the alliance between the large concave forward and the lateral flats with the rounded and voluminous rails, which stabilize the board and reduce wetted area at speed.

The OSS epoxy-glass sandwich construction guarantees a perfect compromise between comfort, strength and lightness.

Scoop: straightened and rockered forward

Outline: moderately compact and balanced to give seamless acceleration, smooth gybes and less pitch criticality than some designs.

Rails: rounded and voluminous in the nose to centre, becoming finer in the tail to deliver great control at speed and lovely flowing carve gybes.

Hull bottom: single concave forward, double concave with "V" aft contributes much of the 'magic carpet ride' which became such a notable feature of AHD's legendary 'Diamond Freeride Series' in the late '90s (many of which are still with their original owners today!) - You can experience this magic combination just as much today, as it continues to be an outstanding feature in these latest models.

Manoeuvrability 85%
Speed 85%
Planning 85%
Accessibility 85%