AFS 85 Windsurf Foil F-700, Bonded

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Its shorter mast makes it the most accessible foil in our range. By reducing its drag this foil does not require flying high while also making launching and landing more comfortable.

A Full Carbon Accessible, Versatile and Scalable Foil: Freeride/Progressive

The AFS 85 benefits from the same profile design as the AFS 95.

Its shorter mast makes it the most accessible foil in our range. By reducing its drag this foil does not require flying high while also making launching and landing more comfortable.

The F-700a wing supplied is optimized to bring easy access, excellent control and great wind range to the moderately short but dynamic AFS 85, making this the perfect foil for many beginners to experienced riders looking for a great foil for most conditions and locations.

It can then be fitted with most of the AFS 'W' Series Wings to keep you flying your W85 as your skills grow, along with your desire to foil all the time!

The Fuselage is the same as the W95 and W105.

The W85 is now lighter and even stiffer thanks to our new 85cm Hollow Mast (just like the W95/W105 range) but only the W85 in the 'AFS W range' features a Dismountable Mast and Fuselage, or a Bonded and Carbon Pinned Mast to Fuselage joint (just like the W95 and W105).

That's right - Following many requests, as well as the Dismountable model, we now also offer the W85 with the Bonded & Carbon Pinned Mast to Fuselage joint.

This is the specification for the Bonded Fuselage to Mast model:

In the UK, we have found that many of our customers want the ultimate in simplicity, as well as performance!

We receive frequent request for the "T" shape bag as a spare part from owners who do not want to dissemble their foil in the way they expected when first purchasing - Indeed many are storing with the wings on as well, which the "T bag" is designed to allow, so we have responded to these requests for the simplest to assemble, stiffest & strongest set up possible to be available on the W85 as well.

The added bonus is that our biggest and most powerful new "W series" wings which are coming on stream, can be run on the Bonded W85 and still deliver full performance in all circumstances where the extra mast height is not critical, as the Bonded Mast to Fuselage joint does not have even the small amount of clearance needed to take the items apart for very compact storage, meaning you will maintain the perfect stability / trajectories / Vmax ratio we are so well known for with our full range of wings, as well as the current recommended range for the dismountable W85.

The combination of all these features/components provides very comfortable foiling in a wide range of winds/conditions for riders from beginner to experienced, making the W85 very widely recommended as The Perfect Choice for most recreational riders!

The 2019> Hollow Mast W85 sets entirely new standards for such an accessible price while still being Full Pre-Preg Carbon Composite construction - Something which is important to consider when comparing with other products, and of course the W85 is now approx. 0.8kg lighter (almost 20%) at just 4.0kg!

Please remember we build all our foils without Aluminium or any other materials that can limit performance or rider communication as well as product durability, so you can be sure your ASF W85 foil will not only be a delight to ride, but will be strong and durable, flying really well for a long time.

Supplied as a complete Hydrofoil - Included as standard equipment: Mast/Fuselage and a pair of foils (wings) -F-a700 access front wing - Stabilizer V1 - Carbon Deck Plate - 5 x Torx M6 Wing screws -Screwdriver Torx T30 - T Bag and Wing Bags to store/transport all components.