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Armstrong S1, XPS and Wing SUP FG132 Package

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 Armstrong S1 and Wing SUP FG132 Package

Armstrong Package includes: 

  • Wing SUP FG132
  • S1 1850
  • Alloy 85cm Mast 
  • Alloy 75cm Fuselage 
  • XPS 5.3m Wing 

About the products:

Armstrong Wing SUP 132

The Armstrong 'Forward Geometry' Wing Surf Board provides improved manoeuvrability, response and dramatically reduces the rotational swing weight effect.

Forward Geometry shapes from Armstrong address this issue with a beautiful innovative approach enabling everyone to take advantage of the benefits riding shorter boards. Check out the full range:  Armstrong Wing SUP 

Armstrong S1 Front Wing

Redefining how we learn to foil, the Step 1 (S1) foil range delivers remarkable stability, ultra low flying speed and an instantly intuitive feel to make the first step into foiling as accessible and forgiving as possible.

Pitch, roll and yaw stability are critical to success when building foiling skills. The Armstrong S1 design achieves a near autopilot-like level of predictability thanks to a combination of leading and trailing edge sweep, chord length and foil section geometry.

The S1 foils fly at a remarkably low speed with a high degree of controllability so that riders can practise manoeuvres with less risk and a lower learning curve. When overpowered, the foil reduces breaching with a tendency to fly itself back down when approaching the surface. Because these foils handle speed and ventilation so well, riders can enjoy an exceptionally broad usable speed range in each size. Downturned wingtips provide an extra element of safety.

Check out the full S1 Range 


Armstrong XPS Wing

Armstrong recruited the world's leading wing and kite designers to craft a wing with hyper connected riding feel, sublime upwind performance and next level speed & rock solid stability. The goal was to produce a wing, which excels wether you're free flying, wave riding or wanting to propel yourself through a freestyle session.

The result is exactly that, the Armstrong A-Wing XPS delivers the performance power and control we all crave for. Each aspect of the XPS Wing was tirelessly thought out, tested and finely tuned in a wide range of riding conditions.

Find out more here