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MiAdventure Board Protector

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The board protector fits easily under the 'UJ' and prevents the mast from hitting the front/nose of the board if you fall off or crash. Catapult-related damage is expensive to repair and often results in weeks off the water whilst your beloved board has a repair (nose job).

Suitable for all types of windsurf boards - Fits 99% of boards including Freestyle/Wave/Foiling.


  • The compact and lightweight nature of the MiAdventure Board Protector ensures your water sports experience is unaffected.
  • Sleek design does not affect handling or limit moves or tricks.
  • Transferable between boards.
  • Suitable for all abilities from beginners to advanced riders trying new tricks.
  • Great for Wind foiling too.

Designed and made in the UK.

Made from 100% recycled plastic. Packaging is made from recycled card.

Purchase now and save your board!

Dimensions:16.50cm x 15.50cm x 7.00cm