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JP-Australia Super Ride 2021

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Size: 124L
Construction: LXT
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The compact designs of the first generation left an inspiring impression and its footprint on the market with lots of very happy customers. Now, the 2nd generation of the three bigger models is here rising the performance level in every aspect: They are fast, easy, sporty and true gybing machines!

The 3 new shapes are slightly longer to get going easily – especially for passive early planing.
The overall width enlarges the planing surface and improves stability.

The outline towards the tail runs more parallel, providing a bigger planing surface in the tail area and an outline curve which makes all kind of gybes easier. Staying on the plan throughout the gybe comes naturally. Be it high speed carves or super tight turns – every rider will push his limits and nail more gybes than ever before.

Due to the bigger planing surface due to the increased width and length, it was -in return- possible to thin out the rails throughout. The rail shape provides optimal grip once the rail is set. Together with the ergonomic deck shape, the rail also makes for a super comfortable stance – in every strap position. And no matter if you chose the inboard or outboard option, it is always easy to get into the footstraps.

The scoop rocker line an V flow come from our Slalom board range. The new Super Ride have a high, loose water position and give you the confidence of stability when speeding over chop.

Positioned right in the centre of the popular freeride class, all Super Rides are simply great all-round boards for every rider! With these new shapes it’s easy to reach incredible speeds even when not fully powered and have no limits when the conditions get rough. And the new, big models are now both – a bit easier and a bit more sporty.


Type: 92 LXT 102 LXT 113 ES / LXT / GOLD 124 ES / LXT / GOLD 139 LXT
Length 232cm 232cm 238cm 238cm 244cm
Width: 58cm 63cm 68cm 72cm 76cm
Volume: 92L 102L 113L 124L 139L
Fin: Ride 32 G10 CNC Ride 34 G10 CNC Ride 38 G10 CNC (LXT & GOLD) Ride 38 (ES) Ride 40 G10 CNC (LXT & GOLD) Ride 40 (ES) Ride 42 G10 CNC
Fin Box Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox Foil-Tuttlebox
Rec Sail Size 4.0m - 6.7m 4.7m - 7.2m 5.2m - 8.0m 5.4m - 8.5m 5.5m - 8.8m
Ideal Sail Size 4.5m - 6.2m 5.0m - 6.7m 5.5m - 7.7m 5.7m - 8.0m 6.0m - 8.0m