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JP- Australia Slalom Pro 2019

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Size: Pro 60
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Ex pro-riders boards in good condition. Condition is subject to change due to usage. Please call us on 07944 254561 for latest update on condition.

DUAL TAIL OUTLINES - individually adjusted to each board size. The bottom outline features a new cut-out configuration reducing the wetted surface and creating multiple release points for low drag and high speed. The deck outline over the cut-outs is wider and due to the further outboard rear strap position the rider can load more power onto the fin for more control and speed.

TRANSFORMING VEE FLOW along the bottom - the Vee is strongly pronounced in front of the mast base, decreasing between the foot straps and opening again towards  the tail. Thus, the board rides high and loose, ironing out all the chop. The transforming V results in a curvy rail line which makes gybing smoother and helps to exit the turn at full speed.

COMPACT CONCEPT - The parallel outline in the mid-section of the board maximises the planing surface at the mast base, lifting the boards onto the plane instantly.

THIN PROFILE - in the nose area reduces drag since this is the part which is affected most by the wind. This in combination with a sunken deck means we managed to keep the swing weight centred for great top end control.

DECK SHAPES are designed to produce maximum pressure and feel totally connected and in control. The concave deck reduces the swing weight and lowers the rig position for improved control.

New Shapes
After an intense development with countless hours of testing at various spots around
the world we can now present three new sizes: the 85, 71 and 62 feature new tail
shapes, each adapted according to its range of use.

The reduced tail thickness and redesigned cut-outs result in increased comfort
and a smoother ride. The clearly defined water release with less drag cause faster
acceleration and higher speed, and on top of that the rider gets more feedback from the fin for improved control and ease to handle all the power.

All Slalom boards come with a specially reinforced Medium Tuttle box, ready to be
equipped with foils – the so called Foil Box. They also come with double hole footstrap
plugs to use four screws with every strap for perfect connection between rider and board.