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JP-Australia Slalom 2021

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Speed Redefined: Experience the thrill of top speed and unparalleled control with the JP Slalom Windsurf Board series. Crafted for podium-worthy performance, the 62, 71, and 85 models are engineered for blasting at PWA competition speeds. Even lighter riders can stay in control when fully overpowered, ensuring they reach top speed effortlessly. The smallest 55 model has proven its mettle on speed slalom tracks like the Defi Wind.

Core Design Elements: Unlock the perfect setup for PWA racing with five key design elements:

  1. Dual Tail Outlines:

    • Individually adjusted to each board size, the bottom outline features a new cut-out configuration that reduces wetted surface, creating multiple release points for low drag and high speed.
    • Wider deck outline over the cut-outs allows the rider to load more power onto the fin for enhanced control and speed.
  2. Transforming Vee Flow:

    • Pronounced Vee in front of the mast base decreases between foot straps and opens towards the tail, allowing the board to ride high and loose, smoothing out chop.
    • The transforming V results in a curvy rail line, facilitating smoother gybing and swift exits at full speed.
  3. Compact Concept:

    • The parallel outline in the mid-section maximizes planing surface at the mast base, instantly lifting the boards onto the plane.
  4. Thin Profile:

    • The nose area's thin profile reduces drag, coupled with a sunken deck, keeping the swing weight centered for superior top-end control.
  5. Deck Shapes:

    • Designed for maximum pressure, providing a connected and controlled feel.
    • Concave deck reduces swing weight and lowers the rig position for improved control.

Tail Cut-Out Configuration (85 Model):

  • The 85 model boasts a unique tail cut-out configuration with the first cut-out starting further forward.
  • Increasing curve towards the tail ensures even water flow around the fin, providing steady fin pressure for constant power and top speed.
  • Thick tail with light V offers lift and power in light winds, while the V in the front adds curve to the rail line, preventing nose catches.

Tail Box Variations:

  • The 55 and 62 models come with the normal Tuttlebox.
  • The 71 and 85 feature the specially reinforced JP Foil-Tuttlebox.

Unleash early planing, fast acceleration, and controlled gybing with the JP Slalom Windsurf Board series. Redefine your speed limits and dominate the racing scene with these high-performance boards designed for the podium.