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GA-Foil CARBON Windsurf Foil Set Phantom FR

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SKU: SD_01636
Front Wing: 850
Fuselage: 100cm
Regular price £2,279.00
Regular price £2,279.00 Sale price £2,279.00
Regular price £2,279.00
Regular price £2,279.00 Sale price £2,279.00

Phantom Foil

Windsurf Foil


When you’re looking for freerace performance on a foil, the Phantom Foil will fascinate you with its unbeatable blend of control and speed. A refined and extremely stiff 90cm Carbon mast provides great leverage for foiling in extreme upwind and downwind angles and outstanding overall performance. Paired with the 110cm fuselage and the 850cm2 front wing the Phantom offers the right mix between lift, unmatched control on all courses and superb top speed. You can tune the Phantom Foil according to your demands with several spare parts.



Each Foil Set from the GA Foils collection can be adjusted to your demands thanks to the wide range of interchangeable spare parts. This allows you to tune your basic set for different conditions, riding styles and skill levels without having to replace the complete foil. Just change the front wing, fuselage, mast or box adapter according to your requirements and enjoy the new characteristics of your foil.



The 850cm2 FR front wing provided with the basic Phantom Foil set can be exchanged with a 650cm2 FR wing, which boosts the Phantom’s speed potential even more. With the 850cm2 FR you’ll get the perfect mix of lift, speed and control, which can be adjusted for higher top speed and stronger winds with the 650cm2.



Fin box adapters are integrated into the Phantom masts, which leads to outstanding stiffness of the whole foil setup. The Phantom Foil mast features a Deep Tuttle Box adapter.



The 90cm Phantom mast is made of prepreg high modulus carbon fiber of the highest quality to ensure performance and durability. Its incredible stiffness provides superb control and feeling for the foil setup.



The CNC milled aluminium fuselage of the Phantom provides a solid connection to the compatible carbon masts and is available in 100cm and 110cm. With the 110cm fuselage the Phantom Foil offers a great combination of stability, control and speed, while the 100cm version makes the foil setup more lively and agile.