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Forward Wip Flow Neo Vest RED

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Forward Wip Flow Neo Vest RED: Elevate Your Water Sports Experience!

The Forward Wip Flow Neo Vest in striking RED is your go-to solution for impact protection, buoyancy aid, and enhanced freedom of movement during water sports. This vest is meticulously designed and tested to meet high standards, ensuring your safety and comfort on the water.

Key Features:

  1. Impact and Choc Protection Tested and Certified:

    • The Flow Neo Vest is rigorously tested and certified for impact and shock protection, providing you with the confidence to push your limits in water sports. Safety is a top priority, and this vest delivers on that front.
  2. EN ISO 12402-5 – 50N Certified Buoyancy Aid:

    • Certified under EN ISO 12402-5 – 50N, this vest is a reliable buoyancy aid, giving you the extra support you need in the water. It's designed to keep you afloat without compromising your mobility.
  3. Super Stretch Neoprene & Super Thin Construction:

    • Experience the thinnest PFD (Personal Flotation Device) back on the market with super stretch neoprene. The thin construction ensures the best tack and jibe, allowing you to move freely without feeling restricted.
  4. Low Profile & Wide Openings:

    • The low-profile design and wide openings are crafted for excellent freedom of movement. Navigate the water with ease, and enjoy a vest that complements your dynamic water sports activities.
  5. Harness Loop:

    • The vest comes with a harness loop, preventing the common issue of ride-up seen in some PFDs. Stay secure and comfortable throughout your water adventures.
  6. 2 Easy Access Pockets with Different Sizes:

    • The Flow Neo Vest features two easy-access pockets with different sizes. One large 3D stretch zipper pocket and one on the shoulder, providing convenient storage for your essentials.

Get Your Forward Wip Flow Neo Vest at Surf Doctor:

  • Elevate your water sports experience with the Forward Wip Flow Neo Vest in RED. Surf Doctor is your trusted source for premium water sports gear in the UK. Order now and enjoy the perfect blend of safety and performance on the water!