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Duotone Sky Style SLS 2024

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Size: 4'5''
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Introducing the Duotone Sky Style 2024 range, renowned among ambitious wingers for its exceptional blend of take-off, landing, and surf playfulness. Crafted to elevate your style, the Sky Style series has long been a favourite in the world of progressive Wing Foiling. Building on this success, our design team has enhanced the shapes, introducing new features and an additional size to expand the range with the new Sky Style SLS.

Key Features:

  • Progressive Wing Foiling:

    • Widely recognized for its excellence in progressive Wing Foiling.
    • The Sky Style is designed to evolve your style, providing an incredible mix of take-off, landing, and surf playfulness.
  • Extra Rocker Concept:

    • The heart of the Sky Style lies in its extra rocker, delivering highly responsive and intuitive reactions.
    • Increased leverage over the pitch of your foil ensures a balanced and fun ride from flatwater to solid surf.
  • Higher Nose Design:

    • Provides extra room for loading up for jumps.
    • Combined with high volume, it facilitates easy recovery even from steep landings.
  • Deck Recess:

    • Offers a balanced platform for smooth starts and controlled sinking for riders using volumes below their body weight.
  • Enhancements for 2024:

    • Increased rail bevels on all Sky Style SLS shapes, pulled back for higher clearance in the surf.
    • Straightened bottom contours towards the nose and tail improve glide and pumping ability.
  • New Addition - 45l Sky Style SLS 4’5”:

    • Transferred from the Sky Surf range, adapted to the Sky Style SLS shapes.
    • The next level machine for lighter wing champs.
  • Size Transition:

    • Ready to step down in size and elevate your wing game? The Sky Style SLS makes it almost too easy!

Elevate your winging experience with the Sky Style SLS, designed for those ready to push boundaries and take their wing foiling to the next level. The 2024 upgrades ensure even greater performance and versatility across various conditions.