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Starboard Foil X 2020

FOIL X: With small boards and small sails that take off just..

Starboard Foil Freeride 2020

The second generation performance freeride foilboards from S..

IQ Foil Starboard Carbon Foil Set (Complete)

The official foil set for the 2024 Windsurfing Olympics Men ..

Starboard Foil Front Wing

Stiffer wings equal controlled and stable flight.

Starboard Foil Fuselage

Starboard Foils pioneered the fusion of carbon and aluminium..

Starboard Foil Mast

Forget weight, forget flex: foil masts have to be stiff and ..

Starboard Foil Tail Wing

The tail wing, rear wing or stabiliser wing. Call it what yo..

IQ Foil Starboard Aluminium Foil Set (Complete)

The official 2024 Windsurfing Olympics foil sets. The Youth ..

Starboard SUP Hyper Nut Foil 4 in 1 Starlite 2020

The HYPER NUT 4IN1 is heavier by approximately 300g than t..

Starboard Foil Super Cruiser Aluminium 2020

A new style of foiling: maneuverable, smooth a..

Starboard Foil Carbon GT Freeride

The Starboard GT windfoil has been a real treat in all sort ..
£1,899.00 £1,469.00

Starboard Torx Bolt Set

The nuts and bolts that make the magic happen!

How to continue the journey and connection to the Ocean through a lifetime?

After 15 years of windsurfing, abandoning school and promising to not get into any board-related business, this was a large question for a kid from Arendal, Norway, spending time on a Polynesian Island back in the 90s. Now, looking into the sky, it could seem like we all are stardust navigating our ways through
generations of lifetime opportunities. Perhaps the stars somehow influence us, our links to ancestors and the friends that we share the planet with? 

Starboard is just one of those journeys through space and time.

Each one of us is somehow shaping our little brand stimulating the fabulous synergy between the ancient Tiki, the fun-loving god-king of water and waves, and our Viking ancestors that had their Styriboard (steering board) on the right side of their ships. Our board’s shapes and technologies come from the communication we have with each other and the ocean.

Now we have fostered a whole bunch of friends around the world who love to play in the ocean and protect it, we want to help reinforce this mass movements of connecting people to nature so we all can better understand how to protect our planet.

We have just won 11 out of the 12 last Constructors’ titles. As an organization it’s however no longer good enough to be the best in the world, we really need to start becoming the best for the world.

Are we the world’s first company to calculate our plastic footprint and set up a plastic offset program? Are we the first company to aim at becoming Carbon Past Positive, balancing not only our current carbon footprint but our entire 25 years of business? Can we together play an important role in changing the tide of pollution and help the world vote for the ocean?

Thanks to all our inspiring partners and riders for guiding us towards a better future, let’s see how we can be most useful over the next 25 years.

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Still open and shipping orders
Open 7 days a week, from 10:00 to 18:00
Call us: +44 1305 230530 / +44 7944 254561