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Starboard Foil Aluminium Freeride Plus

Starboard Foil Aluminium Freeride Plus
Starboard Foil Aluminium Freeride Plus
Starboard Foil Aluminium Freeride Plus
Starboard Foil Aluminium Freeride Plus
£1,149.00 Incl. tax

The Starboard Freeride windfoil has been a real contender in all sort of conditions. It provides the success everyone is looking for with ease, due to it's stability and controlled nature from the start. The easy way to sustained flight, hight control and Read more..

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This high performance freeride foil is the newest addition to the Starboard Foils collection. 

The larger swept-back front wing and the larger tail wing combined with a 95cm fuselage delivers fast, stable jibes, smooth takeoffs and maximum stability, all in a high performance upgradeable package. The new Plus fuselage enables tail wing angle adjustment for maximum wind range.


Available in Aluminium



Compared to its predecessor, the Freeride, the new Freeride Plus swaps the shorter 75 Standard fuselage for the new 95 Plus fuselage. 


This new fuselage is longer for more pitch stability while the Plus concept shifts the front wing forwards. This allows for a reduced tail wing angle that makes it more aligned with the front wing, creating what we call a High Efficiency Foil Geometry (NZ Pat. App. No. 751177). With both wings flying through the water at more parallel angles, you release more speed, you get quicker acceleration and more control.


"It's like someone released the handbrake" Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, PWA Foil Champion. 




Conventional Foil

In the diagram above, the weight of sailor and sail is producing an anti-clockwise moment. The foil creates an equal and opposite clockwise moment to maintain flight. Since the front wing position is closer to the mast, it has less clockwise leverage.

The tail wing therefore needs more angle compared to the front wing for the foil to generate enough total clockwise moment. More tail wing angle = more drag.


High Efficiency Foil Geometry

The front wing position is further forward so it has more clockwise leverage. The tail wing doesn't need to work as hard so it can be set at a lower angle. 

When the front wing and tail wing are closely aligned, there is less drag. You fly with more efficiency, more speed and more stability.




The Freeride Plus Aluminium is supplied with a full-carbon Freeride 1100 front wing and full-carbon 500 tail wing.

The 1100 front wing is a medium-aspect wing with a raked back wing tips. A medium aspect ratio means that it will offer more lift than racing wings, providing earlier take off and better stability at both lower and higher speeds.  The swept-back wing tips make it a joy to jibe. With all that extra lift and coupled with the large tail wing, the Freeride Plus is a superb foil to learn fast, fully flying foil jibes with.

The Tom Speer-designed wing section is thin and relatively symmetrical, delivering speed with consistency. It has enough shape to provide constant lift and traction at various speeds. This is critical for negotiating low wind lulls, handling high wind gusts and making a wing you can trust in all conditions.


The 500 tail wing was chosen to add some extra power, extra stability and make foil jibes easier through the mid-jibe sail and feet transitions.






The Freeride Plus foil uses the saddle system for maximum connection stiffness. The front wing sits on a wide flat surface and locks in place via four countersunk M6 Torx bolts. The threads are anodized and reinforced with stainless steel helicoils for  strength and corrosion resistance. 


Will this fuselage work with other wings and masts?

Yes. This fuselage is compatible with all masts and compatible with all wings that use the saddle system. However, they won't work with wings designed for the Quick Lock system or the SuperCruiser wing.




The tail wing also uses a saddle system. An angle spacer sits between the wing and the fuselage. Changing the angle spacers allows the rider to adjust tail wing angle to optimise performance based on wind speed and the desired flying configuration: more power or more control.




The 95 Plus fuselage is supplied with six angle spacers ranging from -2 degrees to +1 degree. By default, we recommend starting with the Tail Wing Angle Spacer of -1.5 degrees or -1 degrees for the Freeride Plus

Wind Speed Recommended Angle
25+ knots -2°
15-25 knots -1.5°
12-14 knots -1°
10-12 knots -0.5°
8-9 knots
7 knots +1°

These suggested tail wing angles are based on the 500 tail wing and Freeride 1100 front wing. Your optimum tail wing angle may differ depending on your tail wing size, your body weight, sail size, sailing style, personal preferences and front wing size.


The Freeride Plus Aluminium is supplied with the Aluminium V5 85cm mast. It is built from an extrusion of 6061 aluminium, a grade of aluminium that we selected for its strength, weight and superior corrosion resistance. The V5 is extra-strong and extra stiff, making it suitable for windsurf foiling. Three oversized I beam stringers and five 12mm stainless steel bolts carry the vertical loads.  It is even stronger and stiffer than the Aluminium V7 masts used for wing and wave foils.


The Freeride Plus is a the newest freeride foil that delivers fast, stable jibes, smooth takeoffs and maximum stability, all in a high performance upgradeable package.

Available only in the Aluminium version.

Front Wing:  Freeride 1100
Tail Wing: 500
Fuselage: 95 Plus
Mast: Aluminium V5 85cm Deep Tuttle
Other items: 1x Torx Key and a set of bolts to assemble the foil. The Freeride Plus Aluminium is supplied without bag.

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