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Tabou Manta Team 2024

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Size: 48 Speed Custom
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Tabou Manta 2024: PWA Reference for Peak Velocity and Control

The Tabou Manta 2024 stands as the PWA reference for windsurfers seeking peak velocity, exceptional control, and pure slalom performance in a range of conditions. Tailored for slalom racers and speed enthusiasts, the Manta series delivers remarkable acceleration, impressive top speeds, and rider-friendly handling, making it the ideal choice for dominating slalom courses and achieving high-performance results.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Performance Across Sizes:

    • Manta boards are meticulously crafted in various sizes to adapt to specific conditions on speed and slalom courses globally. Each size is designed to offer a balance of speed, control, and planing performance.
  2. Tailored Designs for Different Conditions:

    • Smaller sizes like the Manta 48 and 54 are engineered for maximum velocity, ensuring exceptional control at remarkable top speeds. Larger sizes focus on leverage, planing performance, and controllability, especially during challenging jibes.
  3. Innovative Manta 64 Model:

    • The newly introduced Manta 64 combines proven attributes from the Manta 61's outline and rocker and the 71's bottom shape. It features increased tail volume, optimized cut-outs, and more tucked-in rails in the tail, delivering a perfect blend of control when overpowered, through jibes, and top-speed power.
  4. Accelerate to Victory:

    • The Manta series is your ticket to pushing the boundaries, achieving victory, and surpassing fellow windsurfers. Experience the thrill of unknown speeds and race to the finish line with confidence.
  5. Available Sizes:

    • Manta boards are available in a range of sizes, including 48 speed, 54 speed, 61, 66, 71, 77, and 85, catering to diverse rider preferences and conditions.
  6. Commitment to Quality and Innovation:

    • Tabou's commitment to quality, advanced technology, and innovation is evident in the Manta series. These boards are built to last, lightweight, and performance-oriented, striking the right balance for exceptional windsurfing experiences.

Whether you're a competitive slalom racer or a speed enthusiast, the Tabou Manta series provides the tools needed to accelerate, control, and conquer the waters, setting new standards in windsurfing performance.


48 Speed Custom 228 cm 48 cm 64 Ltr. 4.7 Tuttle short
54 Speed Custom 228 cm 54 cm 75 Ltr. 5.4 Tuttle short
61 233 cm 61 cm 96 Ltr. 6.1 Short tuttle
64 233 cm 64 cm 102 Ltr TBA Short tuttle
66 233 cm 66 cm 106 Ltr. 6.2 Short tuttle
71 233 cm 71 cm 116 Ltr 6.8 Short tuttle
77 232 cm 77 cm 122 Ltr 7.4 DTT Foil Box
85 232 cm 85 cm 135 Ltr 7.8 DTT Foil Box
Regular price £2,259.00
Regular price £2,259.00 Sale price £2,259.00