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Tabou Magic Carpet 2024 MTE

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Tabou Magic Carpet 2024: Unleash Versatility in Foiling

The Tabou Magic Carpet 2024 is your ultimate go-to board for foiling adventures, offering 100% versatility for riders addicted to the thrill of flying above the water's surface. Whether you're an experienced foiler or taking your first steps into the world of foiling, the Magic Carpet promises an exceptional experience across various disciplines.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Foiling Platform:

    • The Magic Carpet excels in different foiling disciplines, providing great lift, maneuverability, and control whether you're foiling with a windsurfing sail, a wing, or a paddle.
  2. Compact Outline for Control:

    • The compact outline of the Magic Carpet ensures control in the air, allowing riders to confidently navigate and perform maneuvers while foiling.
  3. Mono Pad and Footstrap Positions:

    • A big mono pad and a variety of footstrap positions offer comfort and grip, accommodating different riding styles and preferences.
  4. Tail Design for Early Lift-offs:

    • The flat tail with low entry rocker, step tail, and concave rails with a high apex contribute to better water release, enabling incredibly early lift-offs during foiling sessions.
  5. Compatibility with Different Foils:

    • The Magic Carpet is designed to be compatible with various types of foils, thanks to the mounting options of Deep Tuttle and Double US box.
  6. Available Sizes:

    • The Magic Carpet is available in sizes 110, 120, and 135, catering to a range of rider preferences and weights.
  7. Quality, Technology, and Innovation:

    • Tabou is committed to delivering boards that are built to last, lightweight, and performance-oriented. The Magic Carpet reflects the brand's dedication to quality, advanced technology, and continuous innovation.

Whether you're chasing the thrill of wind-powered foiling or exploring new possibilities with a wing or paddle, the Tabou Magic Carpet 2024 is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of foiling adventures.