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Tabou Fifty Team 2024

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Tabou Fifty 2024: Unleash 100% Performance in Foiling and Fin Windsurfing

Discover unparalleled versatility with the Tabou Fifty 2024, a board that redefines the windsurfing experience by seamlessly combining the worlds of foiling and fin windsurfing. Whether you're an avid freeracer or a passionate enthusiast, the Tabou Fifty is your key to effortlessly soaring over the water in any conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Ultimate Versatility:

    • The Tabou Fifty is engineered to deliver top-tier performance in both foiling and fin windsurfing, providing a single board solution for versatile riders.
  2. Meticulous Design for Foiling and Fin Riding:

    • The wide tail outline ensures the leverage needed for swift lift-offs during foiling and enhances control when windsurfing with a fin.
  3. Strategically Designed Big Tail Cut-Outs:

    • Reduces the wetted surface, resulting in remarkable top speeds when using a fin and quicker lift-offs when foiling.
  4. High Entry Rocker:

    • Facilitates early take-offs and smooth touchdowns while foiling, ensuring impeccable control when windsurfing with a fin, even in challenging waters.
  5. Switch Seamlessly Between Fin and Foil:

    • Easily transition between fin and foil setups based on wind conditions. Enjoy the versatility of adapting to changing circumstances on the water.

Available Sizes:

  • 115
  • 125
  • 135

Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation: Tabou's commitment to quality, advanced technology, and innovation is evident in every aspect of the Fifty. The board is meticulously crafted to find the perfect balance between durability, lightweight construction, and performance orientation. These nuances make the difference between a good board and a great board. Each Tabou board features precisely the right mix of design traits and technologies, ensuring that every surfer can find the ideal board to meet their demands.

Experience the thrill of 100% performance in both foiling and fin windsurfing with the Tabou Fifty 2024. Switch effortlessly between disciplines and elevate your windsurfing adventures!


115 LTD/TEAM 232 72 115 7.7 / 7.4 Foil Box (Deep Tuttle)
125 LTD/TEAM 232 76 125 8.0 / 7.7 Foil Box (Deep Tuttle)
135 LTD/TEAM 232 80 135 8.4 / 8.0 Foil Box (Deep Tuttle)