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Tabou Da Curve 2024

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Tabou's DA CURVE 2024: Thomas Traversa's Pro Model

Embark on a new era of waveriding excellence with the Da Curve 2024, the Pro Model from Tabou's Wave Pro range, meticulously crafted under the guidance of waveriding legend Thomas Traversa.

Key Upgrades:

  1. Redefined Outline: Thomas Traversa’s Pro Model features a round pintail outline with a more parallel centre and a tapered rear section. This redesign enhances the board’s overall performance.

  2. Continuous Single Concave: The board's hull is now designed with a continuous single concave, eliminating flat surfaces and introducing a new scoop. This modification significantly enhances the board’s agility and responsiveness, ensuring a thrilling waveriding experience.

  3. Upgraded Equipment: The Da Curve now comes equipped with K4 fins, renowned for their exceptional carving abilities. These fins respond dynamically to your every move, delivering increased grip as you push harder through turns. The upgrade elevates the board's performance in both ideal down-the-line conditions and less-than-perfect waves.

Versatile Performance: Remaining the top choice for waveriders, the Da Curve 2024, with its redesign and the influence of Thomas Traversa, promises to redefine your waveriding experience. Its remarkable versatility ensures an exhilarating ride in various wave conditions.

Available Sizes: Choose the Da Curve that suits your style and conditions:

  • 76
  • 82
  • 88
  • 96

Features: Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation: At Tabou, their commitment to quality, advanced technology, and innovation is unwavering. Tabou invests their efforts in developing boards that are not only built to last but also lightweight and performance-oriented. Striking the right balance is an ongoing challenge, but it's these nuances that distinguish a good board from a great one.

Every Tabou board is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, featuring the perfect mix of design traits and technologies tailored to its specific application area. This ensures that every surfer finds the ideal board to meet their demands, providing an unparalleled waveriding experience. With the Da Curve 2024, excellence is not just a promise – it’s a thrilling reality.