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Tabou Air Ride Plus TEAM 2024

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 Tabou Air Ride Plus 2024: Dominate the Foil Racing Scene

The Tabou Air Ride Plus collection is a testament to peak performance in foil racing disciplines, offering exceptional capabilities across various conditions. With cutting-edge designs and meticulous attention to detail, this collection, including the Air Ride Plus 76, 86, and 100, stands as a PWA reference for riders seeking victory and unparalleled performance.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Foil Racing Disciplines:

    • The Air Ride Plus collection caters to a wide range of foil racing disciplines, ensuring early take-offs, exceptional top speed, control, and smooth jibing on slalom courses.
  2. Optimized Shape Redesign:

    • The Air Ride Plus 76 and 86 feature completely redesigned shapes with a shorter outline, a narrower tail, and updated volume distribution. This optimization maximizes control during flight, providing riders with confidence at high speeds.
  3. Enhanced Aerodynamics:

    • Extensive work on aerodynamics is evident in the reduced drag, enhanced stability, and higher top speed of the Air Ride Plus 76 and 86. Redesigned front V, extremely tucked-in rails in the nose, and a neutral board profile contribute to optimal aerodynamic performance.
  4. Aerodynamic Stability:

    • The aerodynamic improvements lead to less drag, ensuring stability in the air, especially during high-speed racing situations. The Air Ride Plus is engineered for riders who demand top-tier aerodynamic performance.
  5. Forward Foot Strap Positions:

    • The foot strap positions on the Air Ride Plus 76 and 86 are strategically moved forward to optimize control at high speeds. This adjustment enhances stability and responsiveness for riders pushing the limits.
  6. Lowered Mast Track:

    • The mast track on the Air Ride Plus is lowered, resulting in enhanced control across all racing scenarios. This adjustment ensures a well-balanced and controlled experience for riders aiming for victory.
  7. Race-Ready Design:

    • The Air Ride Plus collection is crafted with a super-compact design, providing a lighter and more neutral feeling. Big cut-outs in the tail contribute to early planing, great lift, and reduced drag during take-offs.
  8. Sizes Available:

    • The Air Ride Plus is available in sizes 76, 86, and 100, offering options for riders based on their preferences and racing requirements.

Quality, Innovation, and Technology:

  • Tabou's commitment to quality, advanced technology, and innovation shines through in the Air Ride Plus collection. These boards are built to last, combining lightweight construction with high-performance features.

Dominate the foil racing scene and secure your victory with the Air Ride Plus – where advanced technology meets the thrill of competitive racing.