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Tabou Air Ride Plus Team 2023

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Maximum performance in all foil racing disciplines is guaranteed with the Air Ride Plus collection.

With the Air Ride Plus 81 and 89 you’ll be able to take-off early, accelerate to outstanding top speed and easily fly through jibes on slalom courses.

The 81 is mainly designed for lighter riders and foil racing in high wind conditions, while the 89 version is the all-round choice for foil slalom racing.

The shorter outline, reduced volume and lowered mast track of the 89 provide increased controllability and reactiveness, which leads to higher top speed and effortless jibing characteristics.

Thanks to the enlarged cut-outs the Air Ride Plus 89 still takes off easily and early in light winds to have a great start into every race.

The Air Ride Plus 100 is dedicated to course racing with its inimitable upwind performance and incredible lift in extremely light winds.
Make sure to fly over the finish line in first place with the Air Ride Plus.

SIZES 81 | 89 | 100