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Tabou 3S Plus LTD 2024

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The Tabou 3S Plus 2024: The Legend Continues

Experience the evolution of windsurfing with the all-new 2024 Tabou 3S Plus, a board that seamlessly weaves together the finest attributes from wave, freeride, and freestyle boards. Born from the legacy of its predecessors, the 3S Plus is designed to offer unparalleled versatility across three distinct windsurfing styles.

A Fusion of Design Excellence: The 2024 3S Plus embodies a fusion of contemporary tail design and a more traditional nose outline, striking the perfect balance between early planing, speed, and agility. This thoughtful design ensures exceptional performance across a broad spectrum of wind and wave conditions.

Tailored for Varied Conditions: With streamlined rails in the tail section, the 3S Plus facilitates effortless initiation of turns and jibes. Whether you're freeriding in strong winds, tackling onshore conditions, or navigating smaller waves during waveriding, this board excels in diverse scenarios.

Comfort and Control Redefined: Remarkable comfort and control are integral to the 3S Plus experience. Featuring a dome deck beneath the rear foot, multiple foot strap positions, and a V double concave hull shape, this board ensures that you remain at ease while pushing the boundaries of your windsurfing skills.

Versatility Across Three Styles: The 3S Plus stands out for its unique ability to embrace three distinct styles of windsurfing – wave, freeride, and freestyle. Whether you seek the thrill of riding the waves, the speed of freeriding, or the dynamic moves of freestyle windsurfing, the 3S Plus delivers on all fronts.

Available Sizes: Choose the size that suits your preferences and conditions:

  • 86
  • 96
  • 106
  • 116

Features: Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation: At Tabou, our commitment to quality, advanced technology, and innovation defines every board we create. Striking the delicate balance between durability, lightweight construction, and performance is an ongoing challenge, and it's these nuances that elevate the Tabou 3S Plus 2024 from a good board to a great one. Each Tabou board is meticulously designed, offering the perfect mix of design traits and technologies tailored to its specific application area, ensuring every surfer finds the ideal board for their demands.