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Severne NCX 2024

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Color: Red
Size: 5.0m
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Regular price £699.00
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Experience the epitome of performance with the Severne 2024 NCX, a state-of-the-art no-cam freerace sail that continues to set the standard in its category. Born from the renowned Mach race sail program, the NCX seamlessly combines design elements that prioritize speed, power, and stability while maintaining the user-friendly nature of a no-cam sail.

Key Features:

  1. XR (Xtended Range): Developed to enhance the wind range at both lower and higher ends, the XR features deeper, more powerful profiles that are securely locked in place with added skin tension. This ensures unparalleled control and stability.

  2. Open Leech: Incorporating twist patterns from the latest World-Cup designs, the open leech contributes to improved aerodynamics and overall performance.

  3. Geometry: Longer boom lengths provide increased backhand pressure, delivering acceleration on demand and amplifying the sail's overall responsiveness.

It's Right For You If:

  • You seek top-end speed and stability without the constraints of cambers.

Technical Features:

  • Race Construction: Graded monofilm construction ensures stability and maximum performance, complemented by multiple tube battens.

  • SpiderFibre Reinforcements: Enhanced durability and strength with SpiderFibre reinforcements.

  • Precision Manufacture: The NCX is meticulously crafted to ensure precision and consistency in performance.

  • Gradient Panel Technology: Integrating lighter weight, better stability, and increased longevity.

The Final Word: The Severne 2024 NCX is the epitome of a no-cam race sail, delivering explosive performance in a user-friendly package. It's the ideal choice for those who prioritize speed and stability without the complexity of cambered designs.

Comparison with Other Models:

  • NCX vs Gator: The NCX boasts superior speed and stability in high-end conditions, providing a more locked-in feel.

  • NCX vs Moto: The NCX, without cambers, offers a less locked-in feel while maintaining high performance.

Ultimate Setup:

  • Board: The FOX perfectly complements the NCX geometry and performance.

  • Mast: The RDM Red mast maximizes overall performance.

  • Boom: Enigma booms, known for their excellence, are the optimal choice, with all sizes fitting on an Enigma 160.

  • Extension: A carbon Triple Xtension makes downhauling easy, offering geometry that seamlessly matches the NCX. Elevate your sailing experience with the Severne 2024 NCX, where cutting-edge design meets unparalleled performance.