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Severne HD Extension SDM

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Size: 36cm
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Regular price £99.00
Regular price £99.00 Sale price £99.00

A range of mast extensions for racing. Ideal for saving weight but keeping strength.

Severne offers 3 SDM HD extensions to complement the racing range, 16cm, 24cm and 36cm.

The Severne HD Race Extension has in standard diameter and reduced diameter, has been developed to specifically enhance the performance, lightweight and ease of use of the Severne rig.

All Severne Extensions have a new slimline stainless steel automatic hinged collar system, for increased reliability and ease of rigging.

Product Description

  • Powerful coil spring catch and release
  • Aligned triple pulleys and cleat for easier downhauling
  • The 16cm HD Race Extension is to promote compatibility with the Base Extension 40 and to shave those important grams from your racing set up.
  • 24cm for mid range adjustability
  • 36cm for extra length when required