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Severne Foil Glide 2024

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Severne Foilglide - Freeride Foil

The Severne FoilGlide 3 is not just a freeride sail with ‘Foil’ written on it, it's a specifically designed sail for foiling, with key focus on:

  • Lightweight - one of the most important characteristics
  • High centre of lift - Increasing leverage for efficiency, improving pumpability
  • Stabilty - Reduced draft movement means less influence on trim, better to keep everything constant and Cams keeping the sail profile stable and minimising movement.
  • Short Boom - Providing better control. The shorter boom length allows you to adjust your stance easily.

The FoilGlide is a user-friendly freeride version of the HyperGlide. Sharing a lot of technology and ideology for ultimate foiling.

The FoilGlides high-aspect design stable, efficient, and controllable, the shorter boom lengths are easy to manage and position the Centre of Effort directly above the foil. Combined with a tighter leech, the leverage is increased which gets you up and foiling with a smaller sail in lighter winds.

With only 5 battens and lightweight construction, the physical weight of these sails is significantly less than other sails. For foiling this makes maintaining trim much easier, and just a lot more fun to use.

The FoilGlide is THE choice for freeride foiling.