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A new global sport is upon us. Winging is taking over & we couldn’t be more excited about where the latest technology is going to take us.

Surge = “a sudden powerful forward or upward movement” – The PPC surge wing is born in New Zealand & available all over the world.

When designing our wing we understood what characteristics a wing really needed & we went for it. A huge amount of prototypes later we had the final product.

Recently reviewed by UK’s SUPboarder Magazine as one of the top rated wings in the world, you will be blown away by the performance of the surge wing.

The wing is constructed of

  • Leading edge & struts are made of German Polyant Dacron
  • Canopy sail – Japanese Teijin cloth
  • Kevlar wing tip reinforcement
  • Dual layered PVC reinforced handles (rigid & comfortable)
  • Dual chamber valves
  • Rigid, yet comfortable handles

What comes with the wing?

  • Premium stretch – dynema wrist leash (well reinforced)
  • High quality Wing bag for no-hassle packing and travelling
  • 2 strips of matching Teijin sail repair tape
  • Bladder patch kit

6 months manufacture defects warranty.

How to choose your wing size:

  • 2.8 – 40kg or under riders or 25+ knot wind strength
  • 3.8 – 60kg or under riders or 20+ knots wind strength
  • 4.8 – 70kg or under riders or 15+ knot wind strength
  • 5.8 – 80kg+ riders or + or – 10 knots wind strength

This guide is to help assist new wing foilers when choosing the right wing/ wings – It’s not the ONLY option for your size.

There is no real rule of thumb with wing combinations. We recommend getting at least 2 wing sizes as you will most likely want to go out wing foiling in a range of conditions.

For example, if you are 80kg, you may want to get a 5.8 for 15 knots or less & a 3.8 for anything above 20 knots.

If you are 70kg then you may want to purchase a 4.8 for 15 knots or less & a 2.8 for anything over 20 knots. It’s all relative to your weight & ability.

And just to make things more complicated, once you get proficient you will most likely want to increase your wing size & decrease your foil size. For example, a really advanced rider may use a 5.8 wing in 18-22 knots & a 1050cm square & a sub 50 litre board.

Due to the PPC surge wing being so powerful, each wing has a large wind range. For example, the 3.8 could be used from 15-30 knots for a 90kg rider. It really comes down to what foil & board the rider is using. If you are using a high volume board & a larger foil wing then you can get away with a smaller hand wing.

If you have any sizing questions you can email us & we will answer as soon as we can.

Care Instructions for the Surge Wing

  1. Don’t inflate this product on a rough surface.
  2. Please inflate slowly and make sure the bladder inflates properly. If it’s twisted, stop pumping immediately & check the bladder. They may need to be re-inserted to make sure they inflate properly.
  3. Once inflated, secure the product.
  4. Pack this product dry.
  5. Foils, boards & fins can damage the material.
  6. Don’t leave this product unused for long periods in the sun and wind.

In the unfortunate event you need to repair your Wing

  • Completely deflate your wing.
  • Disconnect your strut on the leading edge side.
  • Then tie the end of the line around the valve.
  • Gently push the valve into the inside of the batten.
  • Unhook the Velcro at the end of the batten and pull the bladder out through this end.
  • Make sure that the line runs through the batten. This will allow you to put the bladder back in place after you have repaired it. Undo the line from the valve and allow it to protrude out of the batten. Inflate your lath and tighten the hose.
  • If you cannot find the hole by sound or touch, immerse the batten in a basin of water.
  • This will allow you to locate the leak with air bubbles.
  • If the hole still does not appear, press on the batten to increase the pressure.
  • Dry the perforated area and mark the hole with a marker.
  • Dry the rest of the inner tube (towel dry, not hairdryer) and then deflate it.
  • Cover the hole with a patch, rub to avoid air bubbles. Squeeze the patch for one minute.
  • Tie the line around the inner tube valve.
  • Push the tube into the end of the lath and pull the line on the other side until you can catch the valve

Inflating the Surge Wing

  • Attach the pump leash to the wing at the connection loop of the Surge wing
  • Check that the valve is clean and free of sand from the rubber gasket.
  • Screw the valve firmly to the base.
  • Open the cap of the upper valve.
  • We recommend inflating to 7 PSI. Do not inflate above 8 PSI.
  • Do not under-inflate, otherwise, the wing will not function as intended.
  • Close the top valve cap. Check that the valve is tight and leak-proof.
  • Close the Neoprene protective cover.
  • Never leave the wing unattended without securing it. If necessary, attach the leash to a sandbag, board, or heavy object to secure the wing.


  1. Open the deflate valve gently. The large valve will release the air quickly. Please be careful not to lose the seal in the valve cap when the air escapes.
  2. Following the leading edge, roll one side of the wing towards the centre.
  3. Roll up the other side & push all the air out of the centre batten.
  4. Having completely deflated & closed the Neoprene protection of the valve, then fold the two rolled up parts over each other.
  5. Make a first fold from the end towards the leading edge.
  6. Finally fold the leading edge over your first fold.

PPC Foiling Warranty

  • Our warranty covers you against manufacturing or material defects.
  • It doesn’t cover impact or UV damage.
  • Unfortunately UV rays and extreme heat may cause damage a wing.
  • Claims must have a clear explanation with clear dated photographs of the area in question.
  • Please also add the dated proof of purchase in the form of an invoice/ receipt.

PPC Foiling reserves the right to determine if a product will be covered under warranty once all the documentation has been received.

We only exchange items if they are defective. If you have a Warranty claim, please first send us an email to

PPC Foiling will arrange for the item to be assessed and collected.

If the item is checked and deemed to be covered under our warranty, we will cover shipping costs.

However if the product is not deemed to be covered by warranty, you will have to cover the shipping costs.

Regular price £350.00
Regular price £569.00 Sale price £350.00