PPC GLIDE WIDE Foil Wing Board Carbon Moulded

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Size: 5'8'' - 115L
Regular price £1,549.00
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Regular price £1,549.00
Regular price £1,549.00 Sale price £1,549.00

A dedicated foil board for wing foiling! 100% designed for wing foiling, the PPC glide foil board could be the strongest / lightest foil board on the market. Built with windsurf (not surf board) technology in the best factory in the world, our boards are designed to get an absolute beating & remain in one piece. With a zero failure rate for our first 200 on the market we know you will appreciate the build of these boards. We offer a 24-month warranty, as we are 100% confident in our boards.

When riding the GLIDE get the most direct, responsive feel to the foil due to the stiffness & rigidity of our special moulded core technology. No other company is doing this as it involves investing in moulds per board size.

Designed in New Zealand the glide foil board is the only carbon sandwich – plug moulded board on the market we believe. This unique construction gives our boards far superior strength/weight ratio over any other.

Using aircraft float plane style concaves on the base gives zero ‘stick’ when the boards touch down off the foil. This design allows the board to lift off the water quicker than any other surface design. Our moulded technology allows us to use sharp edges to break up the water flow faster for less stick. This design allows the board to ‘pop’ off the water extremely quickly & put you on the foil ASAP!

Volume to length ratios was a major design feature with the glide boards, making sure there was an even distribution of volume from the back to the front of the boards allowing the rider to be more comfortable on shorter sizes / volumes.

  • Moulded carbon / sandwich construction
  • Zero failure rate reinforced foil tracks
  • Chinook inserts
  • FCS breath valve / handle
  • Custom EVA traction