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Point 7 K87 RDM Mast - 370cm

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When you unpack your mast from its bag, don't be surprised; something innovative is at play. The ferrule is now part of the top, not the bottom, transforming the traditional RDM into the RDM-I. This change, inspired by our wave team's testing, addresses stress issues during hard landings, flat jumps, or nosedive situations. By integrating the ferrule into the top, we've eliminated unnecessary stress and potential breakage risks, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Our RDM-I range proudly presents two distinct models:

  1. K87: 87% Carbon Mast

    • A durable mast with the highest carbon percentage possible, providing strength and reliability for your wave-riding adventures.
  2. K97: 97% Carbon Mast

    • A 100% carbon mast with extra reinforcements for heightened durability. This innovative design offers the durability of a 97% carbon mast, ensuring top-tier performance.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Stress Distribution:

    • By relocating the ferrule to the top, stress during landings and jumps is alleviated, preventing extra strain on the mast's critical components.
  • Rubber Cap at Joints:

    • A new rubber cap at the joints not only keeps dirt out but also unites the top and base seamlessly, contributing to a cleaner internal mast environment.

Experience the future of mast design with the RDM-I range, where innovation meets durability. Elevate your windsurfing adventures with masts crafted for optimal performance and longevity.