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Point 7 ACX 7.5m 2022 Black

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For slalom speed enthusiasts who prefer the straightforwardness of no-cam sails, the Point 7 ACX 7.5m 2022 in Black is your ticket to unparalleled performance. If cambered sails aren't your preferred choice, the AC-X offers a perfect blend of sheer performance, exceptional specifications, and a sleek aesthetic – all without the hassle of cams.

Key Features:

  1. No-Cam Simplicity:

    • Say goodbye to the complexity of cambered sails. The ACX delivers exceptional slalom speed without the added hassle, providing a user-friendly experience for all skill levels.
  2. Performance Prowess:

    • Designed for slalom speed seekers, the ACX boasts impressive performance specs that will leave others trailing in your wake. Let the wind fill the sail, and experience the thrill of unmatched speed.
  3. Striking Black Design:

    • Make a statement on the water with the ACX's sleek and stylish black design. Not only does it perform at the highest level, but it also stands out as a symbol of speed and sophistication.
  4. Easy Handling:

    • Let the wind do the work. The ACX is crafted for effortless rigging and handling, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the ride without the distractions of cumbersome features.
  5. Spray-Worthy Speed:

    • Watch as others eat your spray while you effortlessly cut through the water with the ACX. This sail is designed to dominate the slalom scene with its speed and agility.

Embrace the thrill of slalom windsurfing with the Point 7 ACX 7.5m 2022 in Black – a sail that marries performance, ease of use, and an unmistakable sense of style. Let the wind fill your sail, and let the competition eat your spray!