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North Mode Wing 2023 - White

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Color: White
Size: 4.2m
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High Speed Performance

SIZES: 4.2m / 5.5m / 7m

N-Weave reduces structural deflection and transfers wind energy into greater forward speed, explosive boost and hangtime for freestyle tricks. Development of this new material technology has allowed us to create a stiffer, lighter and more durable wing without geometric compromise (and without the high-performance price tag). The Mode has a fast, VMG-optimized design, which lets you sail closer to the wind, on higher upwind angles, and reduces your need to tack or gybe, so you reach the mark as quickly as possible. We designed the Mode primarily for high-speed performance, but the stiffer airframe also translates into unprecedented loft for higher jumps and forward momentum on landings. With incredible high-end stability, the 4.2 and 5.5m are ideal for use in stronger winds, while the 7m is optimised for greater power in lighter air. The wing has a balanced lower aspect ratio with rounded wingtips to reduce tip strike, and the new panel layout delivers wingtip stability and increased tension under load. Featuring rigid GripLock micro-trim control handles for immediate response, and new race-window positioning to help you keep a close eye on your opponents.

Items Included Wing, Wing Leash, Bag, Compression Strap, Repair Kit


  • 3x Stiffer
  • 40% Lighter
  • VMG-Optimised Design
  • Freestyle and Freeride Performance
  • High end stability and impressive wind range
  • New panel layout
  • Compact outline with reduced wingspan
  • Dual inflation valves
  • Rigid GripLock handles
  • Gybe-friendly window positioning


  • N-Weave Technology


N-Weave Technology: 3x stiffer, 40% lighter.

Almost half the weight of traditional dacron, the N-Weave makes the overall weight of the wing about 25% lighter. This weight savings translates into greater performance, more efficient power delivery in light air, and makes the wing easier to handle in all conditions. N-Weave also has very high cut and abrasion resistance. The UPE fibres that make up N-Weave are known for their resistance to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV and microorganisms. UPE is also known for its durability and toughness.

Regular price £899.00
Regular price £1,129.00 Sale price £899.00