MB Albatross Wing Boards 5'2''

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Size: 98L - 5'2"/158cm, 27 1/3" /70cm, 7.8kg
Regular price £999.00
Regular price £1,375.00 Sale price £999.00

The Albatross board from MB-Boards will wing with you wherever you want to go. Tested and tweaked by Wing surfing legend Balz Muller the Albatross really is at the forefront of design. It has some tech feature that combine to make a board that is like no other on the market. It's specifically aimed to make your winging as easy as possible, working with you to glide through the water and push your riding to new limits.

Length: 5'10"/158cm, 31 1/3" /70cm, 9.2kg

The 118 is the perfect freeride board for cruising, or for the havier rider looking for a board that will remain agile and responsive. With the MB outline the 118 is compact with the volume exactly where you want it. The Negative outline lets the board release and the bevel rails ensure you pop straight back up in the event of a touch down. This board is all about flying, and you'll be sky high at the end of the session!

Length: 5'2"/158cm, 27 1/3" /70cm, 7.8kg RRP: £1375

The 98ltr MB Albatross really is the go'to board in the range. Enough volume to be 'easy' but small enough to be seriously agile. This board is the real do it all model. Whether it is waves, freestyle, crusing the 98ltr MB is the board for everything. The key is in the design, the below features combine to make this board one of the best on the market. Hundreds of hours of intense dedicated R&D has ensured that you will have the best time possible on the water with MB-Boards.

Specs: 4'8"/138cm long, 23 5/8"/60cm wide, 5.7kg Weight,

Bevel along the entire length of the hull for immediate takeoff after touchdown.

Perfectly distributed where you need to be, to guide you and help you find the ideal balance.

Bottom shape
Flat at the back for a better glide and a double concave at the front for an air-cushion effect during takeoff and touchdown.

Flat at the back and well raised on the front to avoid plunging.

Compact shape
Optimised takeoff and very reactive board. In flight mode, the board follows your intentions and gets forgotten.

Deck shape
Concave bridge for more precision in your supports and 3/4 4 mm deck pad ensuring comfort and reactivation.

Carry handle
Deck and hull carry handle to make it easy to get in and out the water.

Specs: 4'8"/138cm long, 23 5/8"/60cm wide, 5.7kg Weight,