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Manera Lift Wing Harness

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The Manera Lift Wing Harness is designed for wing foilers who want a harness that goes unnoticed during freeflying while providing essential support for going back upwind. Here are the key characteristics and features of the LIFT Wing Harness:

  1. Free to Freefly:

    • The harness is designed to provide a "like you're wearing nothing" feeling during freeflying sessions. It has a low profile, soft outline, and light construction, ensuring that it doesn't feel bulky and allows for free gliding.
  2. Adaptive Shell:

    • The LIFT harness is significantly smaller than standard kite harnesses and lays comfortably on the lower back.
    • It features an adaptive shell inside that provides necessary support even in stronger, overpowered sessions.
    • The soft neoprene outline ensures a comfortable transition between the support shell and the body, distributing loads smoothly across the back.
  3. Sliding Hook:

    • The harness is equipped with a sliding hook that can move around the front strap. This feature allows users to adjust the position of the hook, moving it left or right before laying on the board, preventing unwanted dings.
  4. Leash Attachments:

    • The harness has multiple strong attachment options for wing and board leashes, providing secure connections during sessions.
  5. Kite Knife Pocket:

    • The inclusion of a kite knife pocket is a safety feature. While winging, an easily accessible knife can be crucial in emergency situations, such as getting stuck in kite lines or fishing nets.
    • The kite knife pocket ensures that the necessary tool is readily available when needed.

In summary, the Manera Lift Wing Harness is designed to offer maximum comfort, a low-profile feel, and essential support for wing foilers during freeflying sessions. The adaptive shell, sliding hook, leash attachments, and kite knife pocket make it a well-thought-out harness that caters to the specific needs of wing foiling enthusiasts.