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Low Aspect Foil Wing Cover Set 60 - 80 cm

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Foil Wing Cover Sets

Our foil bag solution lets you choose which parts of your foil must be protected. The wings? The mast? Both? Configure it yourself!

The foil wings are easily damaged. Since they generate the lift of the foil, they are probably the most important parts of the foil. Needless to say, you want to keep them in pristine shape. Our wing covers, made with thick padding and a strong outer layer, give all the necessary protection. Use the covers when the wings are assembled on the foil, or when stored separately.

With four different sizes each fitting a range of spans, whatever wings you fly we've got you covered.

How does the type of fabric influence the durability of a windsurf travel bag? In general bags which are more exposed to wear and tear we recommend polyester 600D as the better option. Polyester 400 will work okay when storing lighter gear. Water repelling polyester doe shave the same mechanical properties as polyester 600D and is not completely waterproof but has the advantage it is not soaking up water as much compared to regular polyester 600D. Tarpaulin used on Unifiber bags are high quality more tear resistant then standard quality of taurpalin and lighter and more economic choice of fabric.


  • A large range of sizes. We can cover virtually any wing.
  • Combine the wing covers with the mastbag to completely protect your foil
  • Available in different sizes. Almost any wing size is covered!

  • Wings with a large wingspan are not completely covered at the center of the wing. If you prefer to have the wings completely covered, but with a little empty space inside the cover, we advise to buy one size larger.