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K4 Fins Ezzy Asymmetric Fronts

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SKU: SD_00908
Box Type: SB
Size: 7cm
Toe-in Angle: 1 Degree
Regular price £39.90
Regular price £39.90 Sale price £39.90

K4 fins and Maui ripper Graham Ezzy put their forces together to create the world's best asymmetrical windsurfing fin.

Available with one, two and three degrees of toe-in angle riders are given the power to tune their board and make it turn like never before.

The Ezzy Asymmetric fin! More power, more drive, more speed, less drag.

The Ezzy front fin has a similar template to the Stubby but with a wider chord. A fully asymmetric foil with a radius'ed front and slightly positive inner foil to aid flow at high speeds. Choose a smaller fin size for less drag, same power. Great for huge gouging hooky cut backs!

For the full definitive toe-in guide, look to the K4 website.