ION Windsurf CORE Boardbag Double 250x85 (S-M)

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Ensure the safety of your cherished boards with the Windsurf CORE_Boardbag Double. Crafted with precision and care, this boardbag is designed to safeguard your boards, offering protection like to cradling a newborn baby. The combination of 5mm foam padding, silver PE on the bottom outside, and robust webbing around the edges guarantees top-notch quality.

Key Features:

  1. 5mm Foam Padding:

    • Experience superior protection with the 5mm foam padding, providing a cushioned barrier against potential impacts during transport and storage.
  2. Silver PE on Outside Bottom:

    • The off-white PE on the outside bottom not only adds a stylish touch but also helps in keeping the interior cool, ensuring your boards are shielded from excessive heat.
  3. Protective Webbing Around Edges:

    • Reinforced with strong webbing around the edges, the boardbag offers an extra layer of protection, preventing wear and tear while maintaining durability.
  4. Shoulder Strap Core Compatible:

    • The boardbag is equipped with a shoulder strap that is compatible with the CORE system, ensuring convenient and comfortable transportation.
  5. Foil Compatible:

    • Tailored for versatility, the Windsurf CORE_Boardbag Double is foil-compatible, catering to the needs of windsurfers who incorporate foil setups.

Environmentally Conscious Design:

  • The outer fabric of the boardbag is crafted from 100% recycled PET, aligning with eco-friendly practices and contributing to sustainability.

Dividing Sheet for Easy Packing:

  • The boardbag features a dividing sheet, allowing you to pack up to two boards effortlessly. This organizational feature adds convenience to your travel and storage needs.

Choose the Windsurf CORE_Boardbag Double for a combination of style, functionality, and eco-conscious design. Trust in the thoughtful construction of this boardbag to provide the protection your board