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Honu Fairlight 10'9'' All Rounder / Sea Turtle iSUP with Package Options

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Colour: Sea Turtle
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Regular price £609.00
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The Honu Fairlight comes as standard with board bag, leash, fin & repair kit. But does not include a pump at the start price. You can add PUMP options, like theHonu HAND or Honu ELECTRIC Pumps as well as a range of different paddle options from alu, to our Honu Carbon Paddles.

We're introducing the Honu Fairlight to the UK by Surf Doctor. The Fairlight is a high-volume all-rounder stand up paddle board that offers enhanced stability for water enthusiasts. Building upon the success of the beloved Byron model, the Fairlight features a wider width of 33", delivering an extra level of stability. Whether you're engaging in advanced yoga poses or embarking on a memorable family adventure with multiple participants, the Fairlight ensures a secure and balanced experience.

The increased volume of the Fairlight also makes it an excellent choice for heavier paddlers seeking performance on various water bodies such as lakes, harbors, and even small surf. With its remarkable stability and versatile capabilities, the Fairlight caters to individuals who desire a paddle board that excels in multiple environments.

Unleash your potential and enjoy the perfect balance of stability and performance with Honu's Fairlight stand up paddle board. It's time to take your water adventures to new heights.

This 4.7" thick inflatable SUP keeps its riders connected to the water in a similar way a fiberglass board does, but without the weight and hassle that comes with them. It is the material and construction method that allows us to create a board of this size while maintaining the 4.7" thickness. This advantage goes further than just looking sleek, the thinner board profile provides stability as you are standing closer to the water level. And when you do find yourself needing to get back on the board in deeper water, you will appreciate how much easier this challenge is with a board 1.3" closer to water level.

The triple-bonded rails help deliver the leading performance that our boards have become famous for, while also allowing pressures up to 20 PSI. For 2022, we have updated the pump to be a Bravo SUPer pump which is the lightest and most powerful hand pump on the market, making manual inflation quick and easy. The combination of high pressure, reinforced rails, and 4.7" thickness produces a stable iSUP with hardboard-like performance.

The Fairlight 10'9 adopts our industry-leading X-Woven & Fused drop-stitch material found throughout the Honu range. This innovative material produces a board that is around 2Kg (4.4 lbs) lighter than comparable high-performance boards, making it easy to transport and move around. The board also adopts our newly designed Honu Compact 185 fin-box and FCS II toolless fin. This combination is exclusive to Honu and allows Fairlight paddlers to pick and chose their own fins if they like as any standard centre fin will fit.

The Fairlight iSUP is backed by our 4-year total care warranty.

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Length 10'9"
Width 33"
Thickness 4.72"
Volume 265 litres
Rider Weight 150 - 290 lbs
Inclusions Bag, Coil Leash, Fin, Repair Kit


Fairlight is a famous spot located just behind Manly Beach. It is known for its picturesque landscape with soaring Norfolk Pine Trees and calm harbour beach that is very popular for SUP yoga, swimming and paddleboarding. It’s a beautiful harbour bay where the infamous Manly fairy docks. Infamous for the social atmosphere each Friday on the way home from the city after a hard week at work.